When I have sex with my partner, I don’t have orgasms?

Hello. The thing is, when I have sex with my partner, I don’t have orgasms. Most times he takes his time to try to make my climax. I get to that stage, but I’m still dry. Nothing comes out. I’m worried because when most of the ladies online climax, there’s the liquid that comes out of their vaginas. Please can you tell me what to do about it? It’s really making things tense between me and my partner

Age: 20
Medications: none

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. Having difficulty to reach an orgasm can be pretty natural and many women experience this. From the information you provided I would recommend you use a personal lubricant and ask your partner to be more patient and take his time. But most important is that you stop thinking and worrying about having an orgasm. It will come naturally if you let it. The natural lubrication will also come naturally. If at any point during the relation you start to worry, you should try to focus your mind to how your body feels and to the immediate moment you are… Read more »