Question: 20 year old with colitis …is Motival safe?

Hello I’m a 20 year old girl I’ve been having colitis problems for 3 months now I’ve Ben taking Librax and Penta for 2 months ,but I’ve been reading about a medicine called Motival , is it safe to take it in my condition ,and I’m also having problems when I sleep,I wake up sometimes suddenly and I feel that i can’t breath and i have in the middle of my chest pain what should i do?

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5:10 am

motival is used to treat mild variants of anxiety and depression. There is no reported drug interaction between the tablets you take for colitis and motival. YOU CAN TAKE IT ABSOLUTELY SAFELY.
the chest pain and inability to breathe suddenly,is due to anxiety . motival may help. Consult a psychiatrist though,before taking the tablet.