Question: Brownish discoloration on my left leg?

Hi! I’m (…), and I’m 17 years old.
Ever since I was little, my legs would have this weird brownish discoloration, especially on my left leg. My left leg is also visibly darker than my right leg.
I have this weird sensitivity to water. Whenever I come in contact with water (i.e. showering) or when I sweat, my legs turn red..
I want to know the cause and how I can stop this. I tried to explain to my doctor about this, but she just told me it was normal discoloration. But it’s not.
Thank you so much!

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11:25 am

I had the same thing, it went away soon after I stopped taking my birth control pills

7:32 am

it may be allergic reaction. take antihistamine tablets. local cream. consult a dermatologist