Can low blood platelets cause pimple breakout?

I am 28 yrs female. I have been suffering from pimple breakout on my forehead around my hairline and temples. Also on my chest and upper back. I am an active person. Exercise regularly. I drink I’m over 2L of water a day, have stopped drinking coffee and carbonated drinks for over 2 months now. I do have a problem with low blood platelets. A normal count for me is between 65 – 85. Have tried changing shampoos and face washes etc and still no luck.


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Ayman Darrag
6:19 pm

So did you use any other remedies?
You can try lemon juice on your pimples,garlic and baking soda masks, then you should drink about 1 liter of water for every 17-20 kg of your weight.
Regular washing and doing your exercise is vital.

Dr.Honey Arora
9:30 am

The pimples can be due to a number of causes like bacterial infection, Allergic reaction, hormonal imbalance, oily skin, poor hygiene etc..

So first of all consult a skin specialist and get evaluated to rule out the exact cause..

For now use a body and face scrub and exfoliate gently twice a week..
You can also apply Clindamycin gel over the ulcers.
Do cool compresses..
Avoid excessive sun exposure..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:18 am

Low platelets count can be associated with pimples formation, however areas you described can be an autoimmune reaction from eating seafood or spicy food, or it can be simply constipation,
Treat the underlying cause instead of focusing on ways get ride of the pimples
Good Luck