Cough that won’t go away, doctor prescribed decongestants, antibiotics and steroids, need second opinion?

Hi, I’m a 26 years old that have a productive cough that won’t go away.

When it first started the doctor prescribed me antihistamines, after a month of those, I felt worse and another doctor prescribed decongestants, antibiotics and steroids. Those helped for a little, but once I finished the cure, the cough came back and another doctor gave me antihistamines and nasal spray which didn’t help at all,
I don’t know what to do anymore.
In attachment there is a Xray I did when it first started.

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Ayman Darrag
9:46 pm

In my opinion you are suffering chronic bronchitis that needs a 2-3 months of steroid treatment ,plus avoiding smoking..
You need to stay on a longer term treatment program with inhaled steroid ..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:55 pm

In my opinion you have chlamydia pneumoniae , I recommend Tetracycline antibiotics under a doctor supervision as they are considered dangerous
Good Luck

7:50 am

there are homogenous opaque patches on xray in left lower and right middle lobes.
This suggests pneumonitis. Broad spectrum antibiotics with sputum examination along with HRCT chest is highly recommended.

Masr Fawzy
5:58 pm

X ray is okay

Do sputum examination

Cough sputum is white or yellow, cough is when mostly?? , are u smoker?? Do u have pain while leaning forward??
Is there wheezes ?? Any medical hx??
Do u feel any lymph node enlargment?? Any fever?? Runny nose???

May be u need just mucolytic and bronchodilator…

Waiting for your reply
And cough suppressant , hot drinks,