Could a sharp pain on lower right side of abdomen be appendicitis?

Hi, I’m wondering about a very sharp lower right abdominal pain I experienced:

– Last night developed what felt like gas-related stomach pain on right side. Took 1 buscopan pill before dinner so I could eat
– 30 mins after dinner excruciating sharp pain on lower right side of abdomen took another buscopan and lay in agony until I fell asleep when pain became more moderate
– Today I woke up with no pain, but the lower right side is VERY SORE TO THE TOUCH. (so no internal pain, but there is an external soreness)
– Still have not gone to the toilet. Very bloated. No more stomach pain but just very sore to the touch on lower right side.

Could this be appendicitis? Should I see my local doctor? Thanks in advance.


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Ayman Darrag
5:38 pm

In my opinion this is not appendicitis ,could be just bloating with spastic colon .
I recommend taking probiotics and coloverin tablets with meals 3 times .
If you developed fever or severe pain then you need to see your doctor

Ahmed Fawzy
9:27 pm

Yes this could be appendicitis , I recommend seeing your doctor, especially if pain moves up and down along right side
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
12:30 pm

It can be simply gas formation causing pain and discomfort along with bloating..
Try taking Simethicone along with more fibres in diet and probiotics..
If the symptoms does not improve then you can consult an Emergency room and get an Endoscopy or sonogram done for further diagnosis..

Hope you get well soon..

Dr.Honey Arora
12:32 pm

I would also suggest you to take light diet, avoid heavy meals and do walking after meals..
Drink plenty of water and avoid being sedentary throughout the day..