EKG indicates possible septal infarct and minor inferior repolarization, please advise?

I have stomach pain in the upper left. I feel bloated and when I eat it hurts. What could it be. I also have chest pain when I breath in. It hurts in the middle left of ,my chest. And am short of breath, feel tired all the time, my hands hurt. Dr did ekg n it said possible septal infarct. And minor inferior repolarization disturbance consider ischemia Lv overload or aspecific change. Flat or low negative T in aVF with negative T in lll bordline ecg. What’s that mean?

Age: 43
Medications: None

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10:22 pm

Hey there, A Septal infarct is a tissue death between the two cardio walls, meaning that the tissue between them, is possibly dead. The T wave in a ECG (Electrocardiograph) is a wave that usually is looked at when determining whether a patient has a heart condition. The T wave is usually positive, a negative T wave could possibly indicate a possible underlying problem. Next, the Borderline is what determines whether the test is within normal ranges, or the test shows abnormalities. I wish you a full recovery, get well soon 🙂 P.S I’m an Emergency Medicine Doctor, so if… Read more »