Developed an allergic reaction after having my upper right side lip pierced, what should I do?

Developed an allergic reaction all over the right side of my face after having my upper right side lip pierced.
I am red, itchy and it burns. Some small bumps are showing up here and there on that side of the face as well as swelling. What should I do?

Age: 21
Medications; None

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1:00 pm

This is local cellulitis – a bacterial infection – since it has spread beyond the lip and well into the side of your face. You will require an antibiotic treatment as well as medication to help reduce the swelling. Consult your doctor and he/she will prescribe medications such as Tab Augmentin 625 mg 3 X per day for 5 days and Tab Ibuprofen 400 mg 2 X per day for 3 days. You will also need to
apply Bactoban cream 2 X per day.