My cholesterol and liver enzymes are high and was feeling sick?

I had fever and vomiting about four weeks ago. I shed about 4 Kg. Now I am feeling well but I have had blood tests done and the results show my cholesterol and liver enzymes are pretty high. i also have swollen lymph nodes on neck near top of spine. What can this be? Just wondering if its cancer or some type of other disease or infection?

Age: 23
Medications : None

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6:53 pm

Swollen lymph are not necessarily of concern unless they are accompanied by certain other symptoms. In your case it may be due to the infection you experienced before and of which you are now in recovery of – the infection may have been gastroenteritis. High cholesterol and liver enzymes may be a sign that diet and lifestyle changes are in order. I wouldn’t worry about cancer. Cancer would not be localized with those symptoms.If you still have concerns, you can get a new blood test done.