Question: Had miscarriage …please interpret my pelvic scan

After making love with my husband..I notice I had waist cramps during 4 weeks pregenacy and start bleeding then got miscarriage last year November, 2015 and up-till this moment never conceive and went for Pelvic scan and the report show below details.

Ultrasound shows a normal sized, anteverted and non- gravid uterus.
It measures 56X45X45mm (LS x AP x TS) and returns homogeneous myometrial echoes. Outline is Regular.
Endometrial stripe is normal in thickness.
Both ovaries and adnexae are sonologically Normal.
Pouch of Douglas contains mild fluid collection.


Please Interpret this result for us and why is not been conceive over a year now upon having sex till date.

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4:49 am

hi.. your ultrasound report is absolutely normal and good thing is that you do not have any organic disease that will prevent you from conceiveing.
there are various other reasons for not conceieving including ur hormonal changes, husband related issues,stress,etc.

you and ur husband need a detailed evaluation further from a gynecologist.

there are high chances of pregnancy if you have sex during 10th to 20th day after periods.
this is your most fertile period and he needs to ejaculate deep inside your vagina.