Question: I have horrible vaginal odor…even after taking antibiotics

I’ve been suffering with a horrible vaginal odor for year. In 97 i went to the emergency room with a low grade fever and a pus discharge was aimed for Exploratory surgery however when the discharge cleared i was discharged and sent home. A few months ago a sonogram was administered and fluid in my pelvic area was found. After consulting with a colleague the doctor said that was nothing to be alarmed about gave me an antibiotic and sent me home. I still have the horrible smell that makes me isolate myself what can i do? Signed helpless in new york.?

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4:40 am

vaginal infections are usually fungal in nature. anti biotics will help only when the infection is bacterial in origin.
i suggest you should use anti fungal vaginal pessaries and take anti fungal tablets as well.
maintain good vaginal hygiene. a trans vaginal sonography will give more information about this.

Dr. B. Lewis
5:19 pm

Here’s a natural solution: Take cotton ball and dip it in a solution of apple cider vinegar. Squeeze the cotton lightly and wrap it in medicated gauze. Insert the gauze inside by keeping a part of it hanging from outside the vagina. Let the gauze remain in the vagina for 15-20 minutes.