How long will it take to recover from the acute low hemoglobin?

I am a 21 male. My haemoglobin level was 5.1. I had two units of blood. No internal bleeding. Cause is still being tested and going for tests soon. I got the blood transfusion 10 days ago. I feel generally fine i just want to know how long generally will it take to recover from the acute low hemoglobin? Another question i have is , i tried to do basic things like skip and pushups and after a couple minutes i feel really fatigued. Is this my body still recovering and i need to give it more time to recover or is it me being unfit and i just need to push through ? Many thanks.


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:52 pm

If the Haemoglobin levels are too low then immediate improvement is done by infusion of Packed red blood cells..

Along with it your doctor will rule out the exact cause of such low Haemoglobin..

Common causes can be iron, vitamin B 12 or folic acid deficiency or a combination of causes..

So testing is must to rule out the cause..

Once the exact cause is ruled out then oral and injectable medication can help in improving Haemoglobin percent which take take from a week or 15 days to see gradual improvement with regular tests..

Hope this helps..


Dr.Honey Arora
12:54 pm

For now you should also start taking foods like green vegetables like spinach, meat, tofu, lentils, and other iron rich foods..

Hope you get well soon..