I am 18 weeks pregnant and hypothyroid tsh gone up to 6.63?

Hello dr. I am 18 weeks pregnant and hypothyroid. Last mnth i got my tsh checked and it was 0.1 and that time i was on a dose of mon to fri 100mcg and sat sun200 mcg. After tsh 0.1 dr. Made it mon to sat 100 and sun 200…now last week my tsh gone up to 6.63 s0 my endocrinologist agn did the dose mon to fri 100 and sat sun 200. While my gynaec says to have 125 mcg daily…whom to follow?

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Ayman Darrag
7:19 pm

In my opinion you should follow a stable dose rather than changing the dose through week days is better for the gland and helps the body regulates its functions …

Ahmed Fawzy
9:57 pm

I would go one one dose with no switching so I recommend 125 , I go would go with the gynecologist
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
8:42 am

Thanks for the query..

The TSH levels are getting raised due to inconsistent doses of medication that you are taking..
So my suggestion is to take doses as advised by your gynaecologist..

hope this help..