I am 42 years old and obese, how much does Bariatric Surgery cost?

I am 42 years old and obese. I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long without any success I just decided to give up, how much does Bariatric Surgery cost?


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Jean Claude
10:45 am

Many people don’t seem to realize that the cost of a surgery, Bariatric, Gastric Sleeve Surgery or other will depend enormously on the location ie: country. region, city where it is done. For example in the United States, a gastric sleeve surgery will probably cost around US $ 25,000, in the United Kingdom, it will go for just around £ 15,000, in Australia around $ 35,000 while the cost of gastric sleeve in India is around $5,000, in Thailand it costs around $ 8,000. And as low as $ 4,000 in Mexico. The best thing to do is to shop… Read more »