I have a strange condition that makes me cramp up like a seizure?

Hello my name is (…) and I have a strange condition that makes me cramp up like I have a Seizure but its not a seizure, a stroke that isn’t a stroke and a heart attack that isn’t a heart attack. My arms and legs get numb, my leg get heavy for me and I really cant feel my left arm. Most of my body gets numb particularity my left side but now it has started reaching my right side and it hurts. I also have a sensitivity to light with my eyes and a very strange temperature awareness or lack of it many times. Its getting worse slowly and I don’t know the cause or how to stop it and there has been nothing that has been diagnosed, my question is is it one thing or different things mixed together that ended up hiding everything else causing all my tests to come back negative? I need answers in any way possible so maybe one day i can start living life again.


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Domina Zluf
9:01 am

Thanks for your question,

As a starting point. You need to get checked for epilepsy.

Good Luck.

9:00 am

it may be caused by electrolyte imbalances ,low vitamin and calcium content in your body. get your detailed blood profile done