Question: I am 52 going into menopause…feel disjointed, edgy and drugged

I am 52 going into menopause. I get this feeling of being disjointed, edgy and drugged without being on drugs. My hands and feet get itchy and my skin is dry after the episode. My breasts get sore for weeks and my period is becoming intermittent. My uterus gets sore and sex becomes painful close to my period. I take vitamins and headache tablets with codeine for headaches caused by injury. How do i get rid of this edgy, drugged feeling?

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5:51 am

all the symptoms that you have stated are a typical presentation of a pre menopausal phase that occur in a woman’s life due to gross hormonal changes occuring in the blood.

to normalise this, you can take menopace tablets daily for 1-2 months depending on the severity of symptoms. this will give you relief from almost all the symptoms that you are experiencing.