I am leaking semen constantly all day and night and can’t stop?

I am leaking semen constantly all day and night and can’t stop, it is a milky colour and water consistency. I noticed it happening two days ago. it is a bit sore on the left side in the pelvis area where leg meats hip beside penis, also it hurts a bit when peeing


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Dr. Javez Ernesto
Dr. Javez Ernesto

From the information you provided it looks like a problem with your Prostate – Semen leakage can be due to some form of Prostatitis usually Congestive Prostatitis. You need to consult, ideally a Urologist, and get your Prostate checked out. Other problems causing semen leakage can be due Parasympathetic Nerve System – but since you seem to be experiencing a burning issue when urinating, you first need to rule out problems with your Prostate.

Original Poster
Original Poster

Thanks for the response. What causes it and is it a STD or STI

Dr. Javez Ernesto
Dr. Javez Ernesto

If it were an STD, the penile discharge would be pus – clear liquid. yellow or green. Not semen. You would probably also need to urinate frequently. If it is semen it would indicate a prostate problem that could be caused a bacterial infection not an STD infection. In either case you need to consult. If it is a penile pus discharge, get an STD test.