I am scared of getting a blood test, what should I do?

I went to my doctor yesterday, he thinks I may have a thyroid problem and wants to send me do blood tests. But I am afraid of doing it. I have always hated the sight of blood even seeing it on TV is too much for me. and just the idea of getting a needle in me drives me out of my mind. i am afraid when they needle me I’ll freak out and run or faint. Thinking of skipping the blood test. Is there something I can do. thanks

Age: 21
Medications: None

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8:38 pm

Sounds like you have BII – Blood Injury and Injection Phobia. This is an anxiety related problem. You should consult with a Psychiatrist who will help you through with this problem. Phobias can be treated with success. Treating your BII is essential, the faster you do it the better off you will be. Tell your doctor about BII and he will also be able to guide you.