I began experiencing urine frequency with some very slight burning, I was in ER continue not to feel well?

About 2 weeks ago I began experiencing urine frequency with some very slight burning with urination. I have had several UTI’s in the past and it felt the same so I used doctor on demand and talk to a doctor and was put on cipro for 7 days. I finished the 7 days but was still experiencing the urinary frequency , extremely fatigued and now I was having some right flank pain. I am an Emergency medical tech and work at a pediatric urgent care, since I still was not feeling well I decided to run my blood (CBC) and urine. My urine showed trace blood-intact. My WBC was 17.2, everything else was within normal limits. Bc of the high WBC and feeling the way I was I went to an urgent care the next day, I showed the doctor there my CBC from the day before and he immediately sent me to the ER. I went to the ER and waited 7 hours. My CBC there showed my WBC to be 12.71 and my absolute Neut as 7.85 everything else showed within normal limits. My urine chemistries showed urine hemoglobin as moderate with everything else within normal limits. My CT scan showed : a nonobstructing punctate left renal calcus, multiple subcentimeter hepatic hydrodensitis; too small to characterize, and possibly slightly increased in number since 2013, and right ovarian versus paraovarian cyst measuring 2.3 cm. I was told in the ER that my WBC was probably still elevated bc I had just finished the antibiotic for the UTI 2 days earlier, and that the urinary frequency was likely due to the kidney stone on the left, no real explanation for the right flank pain, but did not think it was related to the ovarian cyst. I already take prescribed pain medication daily for fibromyalgia so I was discharged with a script for pyridium and a urine strainer (I still have no left sided pain).
So it has now been 4 days since I was seen in the ER. I continue not to feel well. Still have urinary frequency, very fatigued and now have more right upper quadrant pain (feels like pressure or fullness right under my right ribcage) that radiates to the right side of my back, I am also having severe bouts of nausea that even zofran will not help subside, I also have episodes of sweating (slightly increased temp, with a high of 99.6) and then chills, and just today decreased appetite. I have tried to get in with a primary care doctor (I currently only have a pain management doc for my fibro) but the soonest appointment I can get is in 11 days. I just feel as though something isn’t right and that maybe something was missed in the ER. I feel like it may have something to do with my liver. I have to work the next 6 days and really cannot afford to take time off but don’t know how long I will be able to go into work feeling like this. I am dreading having to go back to the ER and wait another 7 hours and pay another $200 co pay. I would just like some thoughts on what this could possibly be. My med history also includes gallbladder removal and appendix removal in 2010. Does this sound like something I need to go to the emergency room right away for?

Medications: OxyContin, Percocet, Wellbutrin, Buspar, Zofran


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:49 pm

Seems probably like UTI..
Your symptoms can be all due to urinary tract infection..
Yes, you need to consult an Emergency Room or a primary physician for further confirmation so that diagnosis can be confirmed and then only appropriate treatment can be done..

Hope this helps..