I broke the bottom part of my ankle bone, how can I make it heal?

I broke the bottom part of my ankle bone. I don’t have money or insurance to see a orthopedic. They wrapped my ankle in ace bandages and put a black boot on it. Can it heal like that. I don’t work cause I am trying to get my disability started.I keep it elevated a lot and wear the boot. The er Dr I saw just came in and said it was broke and the nurse will wrap it. He didn’t feel of my ankle or nothing.

Age: 51
Medications: Ativan effexor xr propranolol er

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:38 am

See first of all if fracture is suspected then an x ray should be done to check which bone is involved and is the fracture displaced or not..
If it is not displaced then non surgical treatment using splints and casts can help..
If there is displaced fracture then might need surgical procedure..

Hope this helps..


Arti Sharma
9:39 am

Hi there
Xray is necessary for diagnosing a fracture? Did you get Xray ankle done?If not get it done to determine severity of fracture.A minor fracture can be cured by simple remedies. Elevation of leg,do not bear weight on it,take Ibuprofen as it decreases pain and inflammation ,all these should provide relief. Ice packs may be used for decreasing pain and swelling.Continue wearing boots.If you notice increase in swelling or pain see an orthopaedician immediately.Take care and keep us posted!