I developed shingles can I still be contagious to others?

I developed Shingles on 8 days ago. I am on Famciclovir 500mg, 3x day. The swelling around the rash has gone down, and, for the most part the actual rash is drying up. The area in question is on my left thigh. I wear long pants all day long to cover the area. I am scheduled to take a First Aid Course on Monday August 21 & 23. Is it safe for me to do so. Can I still be contagious to others.
Thank You


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Dr.Honey Arora
7:07 am

Thanks for the query..

Shingles is contagious in the blister phase and can spread if some one come in direct contact with the fluid..
In case if the rash is drying up, it means that the rash is crusting and in this phase there are negligible chances of communication of infection..
However if the lesion is not completely crusted up then it is advisable to avoid any activity that can cause infection to others or get it clinically examined so that you get a better assurance..

Hope this helps..