I feel my heart pounding with a little dizziness, am I having a heart attack or a heart problem?

My name is (—-) and I’m 22 years old. For the past few weeks I have been feeling strange. My heart is pounding like if it want to jump out of my chest. It lasts a few minutes and it stops. It happens a few times per day. On some days zero. I also feel dizzy sometimes. I also have been stressed lately and having sleeping problems. I sleep bad. 4 or 5 hours per day. Normally I sleep about about 9. Do I have a heart problem? Is this a heart attack?

Age: 22

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9:19 am

Hello. Considering your age and based on the information provided, this seems to be heart palpitations probably due to lack of sleep and stress. You should exercise regularly, eat well, eliminate coffee and caffeine drinks, reduce alcohol consumption and try relaxation techniques. To be safe you should undergo an echocardiogram and lipid tests. Your doctor may want to follow up with Holter monitoring. Thank you.