I get a very bad pain in the stomach when I eat any food, now happening when I drink liquids?

when I eat any type of food I get a very bad pain in the stomach sometimes only after eating a few mouthfuls of food I then have to go to the toilet and what comes out is very very loose sometimes like water. This happens every day now and the only way I can go out at all is to eat nothing as I do not want to get caught out when I am out I cannot take a chance of eating anything as I once did and just made it home and to the toilet.This is now happening with any drinks as well hope you have some idea of what this might be.Thank you, DC.

Age: 66
Medications: ramipril,atorvastatin,tamsulosin,co-codamol,paracetamol,cyclizine,metformin,mintec,pantoprazol,propranalol,gliclazide,amlodipne,solifenacin,tadalafil,morphine sulphate oral,spironolactone,amitriptyline,sumatriptan,gaviscon double,sertraline.
General Information: all of the above are on prescription by GP.

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Dr.Honey Arora
10:34 am

First of all get an Endoscopy and stool culture done..
Can be Infection or irritable bowel..
So to make sure you need investigation..