I had quadruple bypass 2 yrs ago, can I take omega 7?

can I take ultra omega burn it is omega seven.I had quadruple bypass 2 yrs ago. I am also diabetic
on insulin. I used to take omega 3-6-9 and was told by an internist to stop it because of blood thinning
and clotting possibilities. I currently take eliquis 5 mg bid.. thankyou

Age: 71
Medications: insulin novo rapid 12u tid, lantus 24u qhs, metformin 500 mg bid, amlodepine 10 mg, od lasix10 mg od, vasotec 5mg bid, lyrica 200 mg tid, eliquis 5 mg bid, hydralazine 50 mg qid, iferrous gluconate 300 mg od, tylenol 650 mg tid, praluent 150 mg injection q2wks, pantoloc 40 mg qhs, magnesium 500 mg tid, vit D 1000 mg od, vit c 500 mg od, b12 500 mcg od, b6 250 mg od,
General Information: quadruple bypass 2015
diabetes type 2 1992
pulmonary hypertension 2014
fibromyalgia xyrs
arthritis last few yrs

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:10 am

My opinion you can , but to be sure do an INR test , if test results are okay then go ahead take the omega
Good Luck