I have pneumonia and scheduled for a bronchoscopy and lung biopsy, please advise?

I have been going through many tests, x-rays, etc to determine if I have an autoimmune disease. In the midst of this, it was discovered that I had pneumonia and small nodules in lungs and am now scheduled for a bronchoscopy and lung biopsy. I have smoked marijuana moderately for four years, but didn’t divulge this to my dr because my wife would be devastated to learn this and because of the nature of my job. I should have let my dr know this, but am completely scared to have my wife find out or to lose my livelihood. I haven’t smoked any in two weeks and my bronchoscopy is upcoming. My question is will the dr definitively know that I smoke marijuana and will this info be shared in front of my wife? Again, I realize that my dishonesty with my wife and my doctor is not good, but I am frightened for her to find out and of losing my livelihood.

Medications: Rabeprozole
General Information: Unexpected weight loss, anemia, gastrointestinal issues, mild pneumonia, small lung nodules, aching joints, mild pain in rib cage and chest, extreme fatigue, dizziness

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Ayman Darrag
6:56 pm

The doctor can be able to know you are smoking but not necessarily marijuana.
I recommend telling the doctor in private about however i do not believe it is gonna make difference in your case as what happened has happened no matter how..
You can ask your doctor to keep it secret with you. He will understand.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:37 pm

You will be sedated during the procedure, not telling the doctor may lead to waking up in the middle of the procedure, also he will need to know the cause for your condition
Do not worry you can tell him in private, he will keep your secret
Good Luck

Arti Sharma
9:09 pm

Hi smoking does cause changes in lung tissue a lung biopsy will detect thatI think you should discuss with your wife and disclose it before your dr tells her.Take care of yourself and get investigated with relief. Good luck!

1:44 am

Thank you for your replies. I will indeed tell my doctor, as I was leaning that way already. I will also let my wife know, at some point, but would rather wait to do that until some of this ordeal is a bit more in the past. However, I should say that I’m not at all concerned about waking during the procedure, as I have had many procedures and do not smoke in the time leading up to them, and have never had such issues. I was more concerned with the fact that the doctor would be able to tell… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
2:36 am

Ok , generally smoking causes co tar in the lung tissue but Marijuana smoke also results in more tar and carbon monoxide however the biopsy from the nodule will be done to detect the nature of the nodule whether ot is benign or malignant, so it will not be the doctor’s main interest is to say when did you smoke what, but will know that you have smoked heavily and harmed your lung.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:42 am

There is no way bronchoscopy will identify marijuana Specifically
It is highly unlikely it will show on any test, tar will disappear within weeks of stopping marijuana

Dr.Honey Arora
8:18 am

Doctor will rule out that you take some sort of recreational drugs however certain investigation can help in ruling out the exact nature of drug..
Secondly hiding from your doctor or wife can both cause problems for your own health and life..
Be honest, your wife will definitely understand if you genuinely promise and leave the habit..
So proceed as per doctors advise but first give proper information as the nature of treatment varies individually..

Hope this helps..