I had a baby 8 weeks ago, my belly has been cramping up badly what shall I do?

I had a baby 8 weeks ago normal delivery, I was bleeding for 6 weeks and stop as normal I had my 6 weeks check up and started on the pill loestrin 20 started this on 30/08/17 and started bleeding day nine into my pill and my bleeding has got really heavy that I’m going through super tampons every hour on to my pad, and this morning my clot was big over a size of a 50p My belly has been cramping up badly as well what shall I do?


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Ayman Darrag
11:23 pm

Until the moment we can consider all of that normal,however if your bleeding continued more than that or There is an unpleasant smell.
You come down with a fever and/or chills.
The bleeding stays heavy, and is bright red.
Your tummy feels tender low down on one or both sides.
then you will need to get an ultrasound done.
At this time it is not recommended to use tampons as they may cause infection to the open wounds or fissures.

my best recovery wishes.