Question: I had a kidney stone removed is there a stone still moving in kidney

My question is in May of this year I had a kidney stone and with the cat scan it showed where it was. Also There is an additional
calculus in the midpole of the left kidney measuring approximately 5.2 mm. The past two weeks a few times I have had back ache. Saturday I got up with back ache in the flank area and mid point. Sunday night taking a deep breath hurt around my ribs. I do get pressure in bladder area once in awhile also. Today my ribs do not hurt as bad. But I still have the pain around flank area. Most of the pain is left side to mid point in back,
DO you think it might be that stone moving in the kidney.

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5:39 am

yes,these symptoms are of a moving calculus. 5 mm calculus is not much of an issue. u can drink plenty of water and it will get washed away soon. the pain under the ribs may have stopped because the stone has started moving out of the kidney. as it will progress downwards, the pain will go to flanks and groin area.
take anti spasmodic tablets if the pain is more.


Ayman Darrag
11:04 am

If you are having a left flank area pain ,that would be a sign of kidney stones or body dehydration or UTI,You have to drink a plenty of water and see your doctor ASAP.