I had femoral epiphysis surgery 45 years, experienced pain in my left knee after workouts?

I had femoral epiphysis surgery 45 years.I am 62 , i have always experienced pain in my left knee after workouts , bowling or heavy lifting. The pain is primarily on the left side of the knee near below and around the knee cap.
MRI clears knee from any damage, yet the pain last for at least 30 days after activities. If i continue with the activity it will cause me to limp. When the pain is gone and i discontinue the activities every-thing is fine. I love bowling but i can not bowl more than 2 games. There is no pain while bowling , when i finish about hour later the pain and the limping begins. I need help, is there anything i can do before or after to prevent the pain. My surgery was in my left hip they inserted two screws

Medications: None

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
8:17 pm

If your MRI is all good, due your history, your problem is probably caused by a misalignment of one of the bones between your hip to your ankles. If one of your bones or knee cap is out of proper position – even slightly – abnormal pressure is applied to your knee when exercising which may cause inflammation and consequent pain. Proper stretching after exercise can help. Strengthening your leg muscles is important and can help remove pressure on your knee when exercising. A good physical therapist can help you in this regards.

Dr.Honey Arora
9:30 am

It can be simply due to weak muscles and ligaments around the knee..

As soon you exert there is pain.

So my suggestion is to consult a Physiotherapist and start physical therapy.
Strength training with gradually increasing weight bearing can help in improving the condition..

Also massage the painful area with herbal muscle relaxant oil and place kneee cap support..

You will get better soon.