I had two polyps removed one was benign and the other one was a simple hyperplasia with a focal atypia?

I had two polyps removed one was benign and the other one the lab mentionned that they observed simple hyperplasia with a focal atypia.I am 35 and Im still planning to have children.My doctor recommended that I place a Mirena iud which i did.I have my 3rd month biopsy coming soon.I am a bitanxious that the cells will still be atypical , turn into complex atypia or even cancerous.My question is how successful is an IUD in % to cure focal atypia cells and how is it possible that in 3 month that cells turns from Atypia to complex or cancerous Thank you


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Ahmed Fawzy
11:21 pm

Chances of progressing to complex or cancerous Are 29% but with Mirena iud complete cure is found in 80 % of patients , also getting pregnant can have 80% cure chance, so I recommend getting pregnant as soon as you hear the good news that your okay
(and yes they can turn from Atypia to complex In 3 month)
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
11:47 am

Yes, Mirena IUD can help in preventing recurrence as polyps have a tendency to recur and it helps in conceiving too..
But as the chances of progression to complex and cancerous are also there, so it is better to get a proper fertility monitoring and bear kids as soon as possible..
You also need to be under regular monitoring to avoid complications..