I have a crushing chest pain making it difficult to breath?

I have a crushing chest pain that feels like constant pressure making it difficult to breath. I am coughing up phlegm which has sometimes had streaks of blood in it. I also got chills and then it goes into hot flushes. I am worried as to what this might be as It came on all of a sudden it is causing me to become very fatigued. I don’t want this to impact on my daily life as I have children to support. I am usually a generally healthy person who eats a variety of a diet.

General Information: No just anti depressants this has come on in last 24hours

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:03 pm

Based on the information you provided you seem to be suffering from a respiratory illness. Could be a an upper respiratory infection or viral bronchitis. But any chest pain is considered an emergency and needs to be checked out immediately. To be safe, I recommend you go to an ER or hospital.

Arti Sharma
12:29 am

You seem to be suffering from a Respiratory infection.It could be a viral infection or bacterial infection.Take lots of warm liquids.Give steam inhalation.Consult a physician.You will need antibiotics and investigations like XRAY chest and complete haemogram.Keep me posted!

Dr.Honey Arora
12:34 pm

It looks more like viral infection of the upper respiratory tract..
However similar symptoms can be seen in case of bronchitis..
So you should consult an Emergency room and get evaluated..
For now you can take cough suppressant containing Gueifenesin and mucolytic like Ambroxol.
Take warm fluids and do warm compresses on chest.
Take antihistamine like Levocetrazine.
Take Acetaminophen.
Do steam inhalation and use humidifier in your room.
Take sufficient rest..
If there is no improvement then a chest x ray, sputum culture and CBC should be done..