I have been aware of a small round lump near my anus?

for about 3 months now i have been aware of a small round lump near my anus. sometines there is mild pain and discomfort. now and again i experience what i believe is puss coming from the site but i cant say entirely. im looking for advice as to what it may be so i can stop worrying

Age: 28
Medications: none

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:55 pm

Hi. Looks like an anal abscess – probably perianal abscess. It needs to be drained by a Doctor. Should be OK afterwards. Usually caused by build up of pus from infected skin near anus. Doctor may decide to test for other conditions.

Dr.Honey Arora
2:23 am

From the appearrence it looks like an abscess, while it can also be a hair follicle infection causing pus formation..

So my suggestion is to consult a Physician or a Proctologist and get evaluated.

If it is ab abscess then it can be drained followed by a course of antibiotics like Augmentin and anti inflammatory painkillers like Advil.

Hope this helps..