I have been battling a sinus / strep throat infection for a month?

I have been battling a sinus / strep throat infection for a month. I am on my forth antibiotic. It started as a sinus infection then after the first round of antibiotics i started running fever, went back to doc suspecting fever and tested negative for flu, but positive for strep. Took the whole dose of those antibiotics and started feeling some better. But then ended back at the drs office with the sinus infection still there. went on another antibiotic. Well, there are obviously not working because i am now running fever again. Any thoughts?

Medications: Lamictil and Topoxam

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. Seems your strep throat has not been properly or completely treated. Complications such as rheumatic fever are possible – although rare for adults – you should continue antibiotics, possibly consider intravenous antibiotics and as a precaution get tested for complications e.g. rheumatic fever. Blood Test, EKG, echo cardiogram.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:04 am

Hi. Thanks for the query.. It looks like due to sinus infection that is not completely resolved there has been recurring throat infection.. First of all you should consult an Otorhinolaryngologist and get evaluated.. A PNS view x ray of sinuses can be done to see if there is still infection and mucous accumulation in the sinuses.. Also a CBC should be done.. If there is still infection in sinuses then antibiotics oral and injectable and decongestants like Pseudoephadrine, do saline nasal irrigation, steam inhalation and use a humidifier in your room.. You can also be advised decongestant nasal sprays… Read more »