I have been feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately and experience hip joint problems?

Hi. I am a 24 year old female and I have been feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately. I study during the day and work during the evenings. My question is I have been feeling pops and clicks at my hip joints when I move my hip and legs sideways and turn. It is not pain more like a funny light precise sensation. My joints at the elbows also seem to do the same thing sometimes. Could this be the signs of a problem? This worries me a lot.

Age: 24
Medications: None

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3:48 pm

If you have no swelling or pain, there is no need to worry. With anxiety and stress your muscles can become tense. Synovial joint movement caused by hip turning or rotation can cause the tense muscles surrounding the joints to produce the popping and clicking you hear and feel. Try to relax using breathing exercises and perform some mild muscle relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation are also recommended. If you are a coffee drinker cut down. Good luck.