I have spinal stenosis, an object struck my head, please advise?

I have spinal stenosis but have been working for many test using lumbar edidual blocks percocet lyrics and ambian

A 50 pound peice of steel lad needs on my head damaged cervical faces

Q1) I think it did a number on my back also it that possible
Q)I use my back to compensate since my neck doesn’t work well now I am cripled don’t want to put wait on left leg without pain medicine way to sever Again is this regaled to any accident I was doing well handicapped but working 55 hours a week

Medications: Percocet ambian topaman lyrics cylobencamine and other
General Information: Pain starts base of shill facel joints headaches accross forhead one spot lower shoulder left low like a cock. Stats to long long and pain would make me faint down left leg to burning acne raised numb big toe has the ability to switch and Ron pain down right sise

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
11:06 am

Since you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, any blow to the head may have impacted your spine. You need to be evaluated. Even more so, since you indicate you are now suffering pain which is running down your leg towards your foot. Consult your physician, Orthopedist or Neurologist.

Arti Sharma
12:22 pm

A blow to the head must have affected the spine I feel. its best that you see a neurologist at earliest since pain is running down to your leg.