I’ve a problem with having to bend forward when I walk?

I’ve a problem with having to bend forward when I walk not wanting to, but can’t help it. I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis in mu Spine. I have had x-rays and a couple of MRI’s. My doctor sent me to a Neurosurgeon, thinking I might have to have a operation on my back. But, he only told me there was nothing wrong with my spine, except for a narrowing, which starts at the back of my neck and goes down the rest of my back. He told me that he believes my problem has to do with my neck but that would be too serious an operation and he wasn’t sure of the outcome. He told me that because I didn’t have pain in my back or my limbs and had no tingling or numbness in my hands and feet, there was no need for a surgery and he didn’t know what to do for me. He said people with a back problem that needed surgery walked in a shaky way. I told him that I did not have good balance either. What can I do, if doctors don’t know how to help me? I walk bent over and my stomach muscles seem strained and my breathing seems labored with each step I take. This makes me embarrassed because I have to make a groaning sound as I walk along and it makes me very tired. I have to walk this way awhile, than I must sit down a lot to just rest. What can I do, what can be done for me? Is there any answer for all of this? This all started about seven months ago with horrible Spasms coming from my back through to my stomach, or abdomen. Help, please tell me something! Thank you for whatever answer you can give to me.

Age: 77
Medications: Atorvastaatin Calcium– Amlodipine– Advair Diskus– Ventlin
General Information: Only what I’ve told you, except I do have Asthma, but I breathe ok until I’m walking like this bent over. I guess I’m a little overweight, which doesn’t help I know. I’ve always been a great walker, but now I can’t do much getting out to walk at all. I’m old, but quite healthy and active since I live alone and must handle all of my own business. I have stairs in my condo and go up and down slowly now, but I manage. I’m trying to find a place to live without a stairway. I’ve had steroid shots in both my wrists because of Tendinitis, and also a shot in my left knee last year for pain. Now my left leg is weaker than my right, but I still can walk the same, but with being bent over. I’ve never been tested for Osteoporosis or COPD. I take my inhalers and breathe fine. It’s just when I’m out walking and bent over that my breathing feels labored.

I have spinal stenosis, an object struck my head, please advise?

I have spinal stenosis but have been working for many test using lumbar edidual blocks percocet lyrics and ambian

A 50 pound peice of steel lad needs on my head damaged cervical faces

Q1) I think it did a number on my back also it that possible
Q)I use my back to compensate since my neck doesn’t work well now I am cripled don’t want to put wait on left leg without pain medicine way to sever Again is this regaled to any accident I was doing well handicapped but working 55 hours a week

Medications: Percocet ambian topaman lyrics cylobencamine and other
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