I have unexplained marks on both of my lower legs?

Hello. I have unexplained marks on both of my lower legs. I had pain in my right leg earlier last week. But not for sure if one is connected to the other. I have been feeling sick and recently just had sinus surgery in dec. And gallbladder removed in june. About 3 days ago I noticed marks on both legs. Its it something i should be worried about? What type of doctor should I see and will this go away. Please help

Age: 36
Medications: vitamin d, nexium, trulance
General Information: Gallbladder removed sinus surgery gastic upset chronic constipation

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:43 am

It looks like some kind of Infection or allergic reaction..
You should consult a Skin specialist and get evaluated..


Domina Zluf
10:17 am

It may be related to circulation problems. Some sort of early stage of Stasis Dermatitis.

Arti Sharma
12:19 pm

it looks like some sort of dermatitis.
Apply coconut oil and keep it well moisturized. Seek the opinion of a Dermatologist