I have been suffering with migraine, 24/7 Tinnitus and balance problems?

hi since 2015 I have been suffering with migraine, 24/7 Tinnitus and balance problems, I had a MRI early 2015 which was normal, that time I was so bad I was off work for 6 months, I have just gone back to work after nearly 4 months off, im on reduced hours my gp is saying it’s vestibular migraines but just recently it is much worse I now have numbness and tingling in my head, face, fingers and toes, I also have bouts of blurry vision, I was put on Amirtriptyline starting on 10mg increasing the dose every 2 weeks by 10mg until I was on 100 mg these made no difference at all, so im now on Nortriptyline increasing the dose every 2 weeks up to 100mg im currently on 50 mg and so far they have not helped at all, im really struggling at work as I work in a hospital and the lights really make my symptoms bad, I feel I need to be referred back to neurology but my gp says no as I have not tried all the meds they want me on I have one more to go on if these don’t work, please please give me some advise. Many thanks June. ohhh im a 54 year old female.


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Dr. Javez Ernesto

The best course of action is to follow through with your doctor’s recommendation. You need to use the prescribed medication as indicated. After which, you and your doctor can decide what the next step should be, if one is needed

8:11 pm

Thats what I have from a virus H1N1 I am disabled,…SSDI I have Photophobia 24/7 dizzy/balance problems 6 years now….I take topomax 50mgs a day,…. And the pill the helps take away some of the dizzy and bright light problems is Loraepam. I take .75 a day and cut the pill in half….One at 8 am ,,12pm ,,4pm,…good luck,…. No cure,..