I have been to a&e (accident and emergency center) back and lower stomach has been really painful

I have been to a&e and the walking center and I have no infection and my bloods have come back normal, for the past 4 days now all my back and lower stomach has been really painful I’ve completely lost my appetite the last couple of days I’m getting tingling in my arm now as well and a lot of pressure on my spine but no one can find the problem, what else could I do? Thank you


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Ahmed Fawzy
10:54 pm

If GIT is okay then your pain can be either kidney pain or ovarian polyps pain ,
I would like to know you gender and age
I recommend starting by urine analysis and kidney ultrasonography
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
9:06 am

Your symptoms are not really clear enough to tell something ,so in order to help you know your diagnosis or where to go i need to know somethings..
What is your age and sex
Have you been checked by mri of the whole spine?
Do you have any gastric symptoms other than loss of appetite ?
do you have any history of neurological or psychiatric medication ?
let me know so we can go further to a key

Dr.Honey Arora
11:38 am

The problem can be related to Appendix or the urinary tract or kidneys and if you are a female can be related to ovarian problems like cysts..
Consult a Medicine specialist and get evaluated and a full abdominal ultrasound can be done for further diagnosis..

Hope this helps..