I have cough, pneumonia, taking antibiotics, cough doesn’t go away?

After 1 week living again here in davao, when i woke up in the morning i have this soar throat and a dry cough, then after that i had a fever for 3 days because i just use a home treatment style. i use strepsils to take off my soar throat and when my fever and soar throat has gone my dry cough remained. then after 1 week i just noticed that after i coughed and spit my saliva i saw or observed a small amount of blood like a 1 droplet of blood then i continues observing it by coughing then spitting it and when i drank more water because i got nervous of having that kind of symptoms the blood on my spit had gone when i cough again and spit. Then in the next morning again it repeated the same, that’s why in the next morning i visit my doctor here in davao together with an xray and suptum test there were all normals. But the give me the first kind of antibiotics to take off my cough, it was CO-AMOXICLAV for 7 days twice a day and a medicine for tkaing out the phlegm but i forgot the name of that medicine, and it was for 5 days twice a day. After taking all those recommended medicines my cough did’t gone. That’s why i visit again my doctor after 1 week training, and again they recommended me another kind of antibiotics and it AZITHROMYCIN for 3 days once a day, and for disolning phlegm for 5 days. And jsut like the same i finished taking those medicines but my cough still remained, that’s why my mother decided to bring me to the hospital because it was almost a month of having a cough then they adviceme to take another xray and sputum test and recommend me to take IMMUNOMAX and CETEREZINE i think. And after the result of the xray it was a bad result because i had a bilateral pneumonia and it can also be a tubercolosis ( TB ) but when they forward me to the TBDC department they told me that it was a pneumonia coz my sputum test is normal. That’s why they ddnt recommended me for another medicine and my father advice me to take a morning jogging and walking for about one hour and drink boiled ginger with calamansi for every taking meals. And he forwarded me to the organic doctors and the doctor recommended me to take virgin coconut oil and a droplets of combination of BERBERIS, HEPAR and TRAUMEEL, and she also told me to take 1000mg of vitamin c everyday, then after a week of taking that i my body losses energy or my body got weak and everytime i take a meal i feel like vomiting it but i ddn’t have any head ache that time that’s why my mother bring me to the nearest hospital in our home and that was last friday evening and the doctor recommended me another antibiotics and it was CEFIXIME for 7 days and once a day, and for cough medicine for 7 days twice a day to take, and the doctor told me that my CBC, URINALYSIS, CREA and XRAYS are all normals, and today is my 4th day of taking those medicines and my cough is still remaining , but i also observed that i just had a cough everytime i woke up, and after taking my meal. And i had this chest pain and back pain everytime i cough or breathe big. And another thing is that i dont know if i spitted a mucus coz everytime i cough and spit it out it is just like a saliva.

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Ayman Darrag
1:48 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
Your symptoms are indicating a chronic very resisting Mycoplasma Pneumonia
Which is bacterial and viral pneumonia which is not healing by antibiotics and at the same time ..you need to do a sputum culture and take the suitable antibiotic plus same time improve your immunity use garlic and honey ..

2:14 am

hello doc. thank you for accepting my message, what kind of antibiotics should i take because now im taking CEFIXINE antibiotics but my cough still remain then my xray is now clear. I will just haev a cough when i woke up and after taking meal, and is it okay that im drinking boiled ginger with lemongrass and calamansi?

Ahmed Fawzy
11:05 am

For the cough try bromhexine +drinking alot of water wear heavy cloth till u sweat u will get ride of the stuck mucus
Also the blood is probaby due to lacirations from the cough