I have had a pain in my lower left stomach for about 18 months and have had numbness in left leg?

MALE, 34,
Hi I have had a pain in my lower left stomach for about 18 months and have had numbness in left leg, pains in left thigh, pains above left eye, and for the past couple of months my veins have been up in arms and legs mainly left arm and leg and I have had constant pitch/frequency sound in ears and bright spots in eyes, I know I should go to hospital really but have a massive social phobia and have been putting it of for so long but would just like to know your thoughts on what it could be? Thanks.


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Dr.Honey Arora
10:07 am

Hi.. It is looking like Varicose veins that is causing dilated veins in hands and feet.. Also numbness of leg, pain can be due to nerve related problems.. However varicose veins can also cause pain in affected areas.. Ringing in ears and bright spots in eyes also needs evaluation as it can also be related to neurological problems.. You should first of all consult a Physician and get thorough examination and investigations done like blood profile, MRI Scan, colonoscopy, doppler studies etc so that the exact causes can be narrowed down and then only treatment can be advised.. Hope this… Read more »

11:27 am

Sounds very serious. I have had some similar problems including extreme pain in left side, neuropathy in both legs, arms and occasional blindness upon waking. I believe mY pain is divirticulitis, yours my be as well, but it may be more likely that you have an abdominal aneurysm. With the vein swelling. PoSt back if you see a doctor. Its very hard to go, i know, i dont go either but you really must go.I hope you get well.