I have had a series of “boils” that started out as a pimple and got hard and painful, should I take some antibiotics?

Hi, I’m a 56 yr old female with a strong family history of diabetes. I am also hypertensive currently on Plendil 5mg.

I am NOT on any medication for diabetes and my glucose levels usually range from 110-160 mg/dl
Recently I have had a series of “boils” that started out as a pimple and got hard and painful in the surrounding area. 3-4 appeared on my pubic area (I thought they were ingrowing hairs??) Then a few weeks later two on my nose (one on each side) which resulted in lymph node swelling on both sides of my neck, now a boil on my right leg. (See attached photo.)

I have no other known medical problems. Had a check up recently because of symptoms associated with an unrelated and unusual condition (Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder – PSAS) – had a ton of blood work and nothing significant showed up.

I was medically treated in my 20’s for Hyperthyroidism but all of my thyroid function tests have been normal since then.

I had a hysterectomy and removal of tubes and ovaries. Otherwise healthy.

Should I take some antibiotics for my leg? Which one would be best?

Medications: Plendil 5mg

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Dr.Honey Arora
5:56 am

Thanks for the query..

Yes it looks like bacterial infection only and antibiotics can help..
As they are prescription drugs better to consult an Emergency room and get a prescription..
For now apply antibiotic ointment over the bumps and avoid scratching or touching them again and again..

Hope this helps..


Ayman Darrag
7:59 am

It is recommended to use vancomycin antibiotics for 14 days for clearance and use hot compresses on them..
Avoid opening them..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:22 am

Yes they are bacterial infection, you should get antibiotics, however if you have PSAS You should focus more on your hygiene as PSAS can promote chances of hair follicles infection , I am talking about taking a shower 3 times daily
I should mention that diabetes is a risk factor but personally I do not believe diabetes can be harmful if glucose is below 180
Good Luck