I have high GGT Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase over almost 1 year….Around 200 to 500?

Hi doctor….I have high GGT over almost 1 year….Around 200 to 500…I had ultrasoud and it was OK.However, last month I had MRCP and fibro liver scan…There is fluid-fluid level seen in gallbladder, but no filling defect is seen. And small nodule seen aterior to the spleen, is likely splenoculum.. The other abnormal test was AST (until 70) and ALT (until 90). I have been cleared from wilson disease also. I have itchy also on skin, and some big acne. What disease actually I may have from symptoms above? I have been hospitalized three times, but until now doctor suspects that sludge gallbladder. I have been taking heptral 1200 mg daily for 6 months, and ursofalk 1000 mg daily for 2 weeks. I have been eating healthy like fish and chicken steam. No smoker and no alcohol. Please help me.. I am so stress as I have nausea and headache all the times…. Many thanks for your help..


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Ahmed Fawzy
12:25 am

First do 5′ nucleotidase test to role out Cholestasis ,then check your white blood cells and platelets count to make sure you role out spleen nodule, finally it is rare but possible hyperthyroidism, so you will have to check your TSH, T4
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:33 am

In my opinion it is more tending to be cholestasis or cholangitis,
A wbc count, CRP and Abdominal CT scan with intravenous (IV) contrast should be done to find the real cause.

Dr.Honey Arora
1:20 pm

Looks like Cholestesis..
Get an Abdominal ultrasound or CT Scan done..

Hope this helps..