I have history of diverticulitis cyst on my ovaries and c diff, please advise?

I have history of diverticulitis cyst on my ovaries and c diff I have been having horrible abdominal pain on my left side all the way to my back nausea diarrhea vomiting also dizzy and chills I was on cipro and flagyl but every time I take them orally I get sick so I don’t know if I’m holding down any meds
Bacterium tesslon pearls parpanol morphine and terrabol I have tramadol for pain and zofran for nausea and keflex
have asthma severe anxiety depression ptsd and schizophrenia history of c diff diverticulitis and ovarian cyst


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Dr.Honey Arora
9:51 am

Hi.. Thanks for the query. You should first of all get a stool culture, Endoscopy and blood test done to rule out the exact cause of the pain.. It can be due to a number of causes like Infection, food poisoning, relapse of diverticulitis symptoms as you already have a history of same.. So once the diagnosis is made then you can proceed for appropriate treatment.. For now continue with Zofran and Tramadol, eat more of probiotics and drink plenty of water.. Avoid spicy foods. You should also take oral rehydration salts to compensate for electrolyte loss due to diarrhoea..… Read more »