Question: I have ringworm…used meds but it got worse

I have developed ringworm at the inner thigh near groin area.

I have applied few medicines but gave only temporary relief.. And the patch got increased.

After reading at various sites, I used fourderm cream which worked but left skin pigmentation and white patch near the area. I stopped using and switched to my regular cream clobet gm, the pigmentation has worsened and skin has become red at the white patches….

Can you please suggest a solution for the pigmentation and redness…FYI…I still have the itching effect for the ringworm.


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6:29 am

the rash still seems to be incompletely cured. apply anti histamine/steroid creams and anti fungal creams.

u can take oral anti fungal and anti allergic tablets as well to treat the itch and redness. pigmentation will spontanoeusly go away after the infection is cured. take vitamin E tablets for speedy recovery.