I have seen many doctors but still no answers, droop in left shoulder and spine curved?

Hi, I’m hoping some one can help me as the problem I have I have seen many doctors but still no answers, I’m 37 year old woman and since my early 20,s I began to suffer from pain in my left shoulder when I left school I worked in a care home lifting constantly a lot of heavy patients! I had to leave as my pain was constant I then had surgery on the left shoulder I think they shaved the bone, from then on the pain I was able to tolerate but it was always there and would increase if I done anything such as lifting etc. I now work as a technician in a pharmacy and have been there 15 years I spend most of my working day standing at a computer , then 3 years ago for about a week at work I was in a lot of pain starting at my neck and traveling down my arm when I finished my shift at the end of the week I had a funny turn where the pain was so bad my whole left side just went numb and my left side of my face just dropped I was with my Mam at the time and she thought I was having a stroke, I was admitted into hospital for a few days but the doctors were baffled as I had a mri scan and nothing showed up so they couldn’t explain my symptoms i was discharged and put on baclofen tablets and had physio after about 3 months I was back to normal though the pain remained in the neck and shoulder, i returned to work only for it to happen again, however what was happening was when the pain got so bad in my neck my face would droop again and it was like a spasm my whole left side just goes, I got sent to a neurologist who said he didn’t believe it’s anything neurological then got refered to the pain clinic in this time I keep telling the docs that the spasms and my face only drops when I’m in serious pain but they just keep dismissing this as they say it’s not connected! The consultant at the pain clinic also sent me for a mri scan and X-ray yet nothing is showing up, one weekend I was in so much pain I paid to go to see a osteopath on examination he said I have no muscle in my left side it’s worn away and which I already know when u look at me from the front there is a big difference in my shoulders my left one is lower down. When I went back to the consultant I told him what the osteopath said and he then examined me and said yes u have a droop in your left shoulder and your spine is curved, he is going to try me on some new tablets called tapentadol other then that he can’t do anything for me! He’s done what he can and I appreciate that but I’m still left in pain and having these spasms and I have no answers! The physio I once saw said its just arthritis another doc suggested focal dystonia, I just feel like the surely has to be an explanation for my symptoms I hope u can help thank you

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Ayman Darrag
7:04 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
I have read your history many times and I tend to believe that your problem is more related to the accessory nerve 11th cranial nerve disorder.. Looking like a lower motor neuron lesion ..the accessory nerve supplies the trapezius and scaleni muscles motor supply..which in case of injury may cause drop shoulder abd compete muscle wasting.
The surgery might be the cause. Or other unknown cause due to nerve compression or injury are possible..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:04 pm

The surgery you made probably hold the key
Is there any posdiblity that the surgeon hit your C3/4 nerve
And the C2/3 nerve
Cuz this will cause u to have recurrent bells palsy (your face problem )
U need a good neurologist