I just had a ultrasound and found that I have a uterin fibroid, need Second opinion – Gynecology?

Second opinion – Gynecology
Hello there – had some strange spotting at week 3 of my pill, which never happened before. I just had a ultrasound and found that I have a uterin fibroid of 3 cm and a cyst of 2 cm on my left ovary. I attach the scans. I have been taking the pill (Qlaira) for about 7 months (after suspending it for one year previously and taking it for two years before that) so the gynaecologist does not feel like continuing the pill is a good idea for now and suggested I stop after I complete this current pack (I have 9 days to go) – even though it might help with the shrinking and absorption of the cyst? She suggested to stop and check in 3/4 months. I was not thinking that clearly earlier with her, but is the suspension necessary because of the fibroid or because the cyst formed NOTWITHSTANDING my taking the pill so it is a “non functional/pathological” one? Is it a good “advice” to stop and check again in 3/4 months? Thanks so much!

Medications: Qlaira


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:13 pm

Yes oral contraceptives can help in reducing the ovarian cysts but as you have fibroids also you cannot be given high doses of estrogen and progesterone combination..
But stopping all treatment is not appropriate..
Consult another Gynaecologist and get evaluated..

Hope this helps..

Dr.Honey Arora
12:32 pm

Avoiding treatment can simply complicate the situation so you need continuous evaluation.