My wife had surgery to remove rest of gall bladder, please advise?

hi there my dear wife who is 72 had a complicated operation about a year ago to remove the rest of the gall bladder which was left behind from a previous operation it has now left her with lots of bile escaping into her stomach will this situation do any harm .this is coupled from the last operation leaving her for a year suffering with bad nausea and unable to enjoy life.she has not had a proper poo it is always loose and often leaves her having diarrhea’ could you give me your thoughts please as at this moment in time she does not have a quality of life many thanks (…)


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Dr.Honey Arora
12:30 pm

It looks like your wife has complications due to partial removal of the gall bladder..
So it is advisable to consult a Physician and get evaluated and an ultrasound should be done..
Removal of remaining portion of the gall bladder with proper post operative management can help in relief from the symptoms..

Hope this helps..


3:19 pm

i did not explain to you properly, in fact a year ago she was admitted to hospital with septicemia after previously having part removal of her gall-bladder. they removed what was left and she was not expected to last the night thank god she did and it left her with the symptoms i explained in my first e-mail she has suffered with these problems ever since she has a fairly low quality of life

Dr.Honey Arora
11:55 am

You should once get her Endoscopy done as it will definitely give some clue..
Also she can take Ondensarton for Nausea after consulting a Physician..

Hope this helps..