I just had an MRI to check breast implant do I need to worry about cancer?

I just had an MRI to check breast implant.
It reads: ”
Right breast silicone implant demostrates a prepectoral silicone implant withoust definite signs of rupture.
There is a prominent radial fold along the interior central aspect. There is a surrounding T@ bright fluid collection which suppresses on water suppresed images.There are 2 areas of focal bulge with possible herniation, of the superior lateral and the superior central aspects of the implant”
There is a focal bulge along the superior lateral aspect measuring 2 cm,containing T2 bright water signal fluid.
Superiorly, the implant and surrounding fluid bulges posteriorly and there may be disruption of the fibrosis capsule.”

Now, last week I had a mammogram and they said that cancerwise everything was all right.
But with this MRI, do I need to worry about cancer?

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9:30 am

the mri report says that the boundries of the silicone implant are somewhat distorted causing reactionary soft tissue inflammation.
this has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of cancer.
relax and stop worrying.