I suffer from a neurological disease (CMT disease), if I get my ankle fused would I walk properly?

Hi, I suffer from a neurological disease (CMT disease) and one of my symptoms is foot drop. I’ve tried all kinds of braces to help walk but find them all uncomfortable. I was wondering if getting my ankle fused would help with my foot drop and keep my foot lifted to walk properly without a brace? I also wanted to know about getting my big toe “pinned” because my toe also drops and is a problem when walking. Would pinning it keep it from dropping? Thanks.

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Ayman Darrag
5:32 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com
This is going to limit the range of motion and destroy the physiological mechanism of movement and gait..
I strongly recommend kinesiotaping for your drop foot it is very helpful..and you can do them at home..but let a professional kinesiotaping practitioner teach you the way..it keeps your foot and toes up while giving some way to range of motion..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:23 pm

Ankle fusion will limit you abilitys but it will save u from falling backwards regularly
If your drop foot is permenant
Then i would go for it

3:32 am

Thanks Dr. Darrag but will the taping hold my foot up with shoes on also?