I suffer from neck pain due to bad posture, Is there anything that can help me?

I am currently suffering with bad neck due to bad posture my doctor says! This has been for the last 10 weeks I am really suffering and spend most of my day lay on hard floor. I have been to see a osteopathy 3 times and I don’t seem to be getting any better! This has traveled to my jaw on occasions. It’s basically ruining my life. I am going on holiday in 4 weeks so now really worried I won’t be able to travel as I can’t sit down for very long. Is there anything that can help me? Painkillers of any strength do not work nor anti inflammatory

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Dr. Javez Ernesto

Osteopathy should help you. Yoga is best for medium to long term results. Will help
correct your posture and eliminate pain.

Ayman Darrag
8:54 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors
The best treatment is prevention..
You need to focus on your posture..sitting in correct posture head supported.. Avoid holding mobile phone in the head flexion posture..writing..reading and so on..
Gentle stretching will elongate muscles and muscle energy techniques will do well with pain..

Ahmed Fawzy
3:53 pm

If u need something quick and effective u can try standing in a corner facing the wall with your arms up and strech your pectoralis muscles also do daily strengthening of your middle fibers of trapezius